5 Morning Routine Habits for a productive day

With morning comes a bunch of responsibility, stress, and tension. If you’re someone who dreads mornings because they make you anxious and overwhelmed, a morning routine is your best medicine.

You already know that all the successful people start their day with a morning routine. Gary Vaynerchuk, entrepreneur and investor has a 3 hour morning routine. Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert has a fixed routine of 10 minutes every morning. He says putting the body on autopilot mode helps him free his brain.

Even I have seen the wonderful effects of the morning routine. I used to wake up so anxious that I couldn’t move out of my bed. I hurried through cleaning, shower, breakfast, and rushed to work. I was so stressed the entire day that I couldn’t concentrate well on my work. It started taking a toll on my health. But ever since I started following these 5 morning routine habits, I’m excited to wake up and also more calm and productive throughout the day.

A morning routine is a set of actions you perform as soon as you wake up, instead of rushing through the chores or working or scrolling through social media. A good morning routine should comprise of simple activities that calm you and set a positive intention to your day.

What is this miracle morning routine that can have a positive effect on your entire day?

1. Morning drink and reading: 15 minutes

I cannot stress enough the importance of having a morning drink. After 7-8 hours of no hydration, our body needs to be hydrated. Research has proved that there are many health benefits of drinking water in the morning. Having a cup of hot, healthy beverage soothes your body and mind.

I usually have warm water or turmeric water as my morning drink. You can always choose a healthy, detoxifying drink such as lemon water, water with honey, jeera water, green tea or just warm water. For more options, check out this very informative post by my friend and fellow blogger @aceyourlifewithph

Make sure you switch between the drinks every day so you don’t get bored!

Reading is a very important part of all successful business owners and entrepreneurs. Billionaire investor Warren Buffet spends 80% of his day in reading. Here is a great article I came across on why you should read every morning.

If you’re someone struggling to build a reading habit, give this a try. Pick up your favorite book and read with your favorite cup of drink. Do you need a better motivation to wake up?!

2. Yoga or Stretching: 10 minutes

Yoga is not only for weight loss. It has numerous physical and mental health benefits. Yoga reduces your stress, boosts your energy, increases flexibility, and also helps in weight loss. When you practice yoga, you’ll notice that your muscles are loosened and you can perform better throughout the day.

Deep breathing is a big part of yoga. When you take deep breaths, you nourish your body with a lot more oxygen. This calms your nerves and reduces stress.

When I’m very anxious in the mornings, I have noticed small stretching exercises or light yoga help in reducing anxiety. I am not a yoga expert, neither have I taken formal training. I follow some simple yoga poses or stretching from the internet that I personally find helpful. However, please don’t try complicated poses without learning from a trainer because I don’t want to take the blame for your ankle twist or back pain!!

3. Meditation: 5 minutes

If I have to tell you about meditation, it would take a whole new article. Seriously, various researches have proved that meditation helps to manage stress, anxiety, depression, and can actually make you happier.

Let me take you through an interesting study that shows how meditation can make you happier. A study at the Yale University has shown that mindfulness meditation helps to reduce the activity of the neural networks responsible for ruminating, worrying, wandering, basically what we call ‘the monkey mind’! If you are practicing meditation, you know that when your mind wanders around, you just have to gently bring it back to your breath. This way you are actually controlling and rewiring your brain from getting lost in thoughts. So, a meditator is better at snapping the mind out of the pool of thoughts. How delightful to hear that!!

Cool breeze and silence in the morning are perfect for meditating. If you’re a beginner and wondering how to meditate, don’t worry. Just find a comfortable position, set a timer, close your eyes, and focus on your breath. Also, there are a lot of guided meditations, free apps to help you.

I use this free app called ‘insight timer’. It has thousands of guided meditations categorized into different categories. I pick one of them depending on my mood and meditate for 5 to 10 minutes every day. I want to tell you here, you won’t see any result overnight or in a few days. Even I wasn’t someone who really believed in the power of meditation. But trust me, I have seen the results over time.

4. Journaling: 5 minutes

I feel the art of writing is a boon to humankind. Journaling is such a good way to declutter your mind. It helps you stay organized, stress-free, and achieve your goals. I have written a very detailed article on journaling, also a freebie to ease your journaling. Check it out here if you haven’t already.

I don’t journal every day. I pick up my journal, especially when I’m feeling low and under-confident, and I write whatever comes to my mind. If I feel demotivated, I try to motivate myself through a small pep talk in my journal!

5. Affirmations: 5 minutes

Why affirmations are important? Let’s look into the science here. During evolution, our brains have developed a trait called ‘cognitive bias’.(link) This means we tend to think and believe things that are irrational and have no justification. For example, we might blame outside factors when things don’t go our way, or we might sometimes assume that everyone else shares the same opinion as us. Your brain accepts only what ‘makes sense’ to you, to avoid thinking.

Affirmations play a major role in rewiring our brains from this pattern. When you write down positive affirmations and actually affirm yourself every day, slowly your brain starts believing it.

I was someone who struggled a lot with self-worth and self-esteem before. So, now I write down in my journal, affirmations like

“I love myself unconditionally”

“I am capable of doing everything I want”

“I am complete irrespective of the things and people I have in my life”

“My life is abundant”

And many other positive sentences that make me feel positive and energetic.

This simple morning routine takes only 40 minutes (you can choose to skip one or two steps when you’re in a hurry) but trust me, it will increase your productivity and will change your life for the better.

Let me know in the comment section, what does your morning routine look like?

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