8 Ways to Keep Your Inner Child Alive

Remember your childhood days? Those carefree days when you jumped, ran, shouted without thinking about others? You sang, danced, painted, built houses in the sand, you asked tons of questions, eagerly waited to meet that friend, and that small candy made you so happy.

But now? You have long forgotten that favorite hobby of yours; you don’t remember when was the last time you danced or sang without worrying about what others would think of you; you eat all the expensive chocolates in the world, but they don’t bring you the excitement that little candy used to bring.

As you grew up, you left all the fun part behind because you wanted to top the class; you wanted to earn more money than your peers; you wanted that promotion. All these are fine, there’s nothing wrong with having ambitions in life, but the tragedy is ambition became life, instead of being a part of life.

That child inside you died!

People miss their childhood reasons for various reasons. I’m sure we all sometimes feel like going back to our childhood days. Well, the good news is, it’s possible! And we don’t need a time machine for that! We just have to modify how we see the world. Easy, isn’t it?

So, here’s how to keep your inner child alive-

1. Worry less, enjoy more:

I don’t mean to say kids don’t worry. An article by the clinical counselor and developmentalist Deborah MacNamara explains very well, the extent of worry children have at different ages. While babies of 7-12 months feel anxious about interacting with a stranger, children of 3-4 years worry about a monster attacking them! Even children have worries, and that’s normal. But as we grow up, we start worrying about the future, career, what society is thinking about us, and everything that are not in our control.

What if you decide today to let go of all the worries about the past and the future and start living in the moment? Play with the soap bubbles while doing the dishes, really savour that meal, laugh out loud, and have fun in everything you do!

2. Be curious:

Remember the days when you asked ‘n’ number of questions and wanted to know about everything in the world? You were curious about the sky, the stars, plants, birds, insects, and what not?! Maybe someone yelled at you for being so annoying or just life happened, you stopped asking questions; you lost interest in learning new things. Well, it’s not late yet! There are hundreds of resources out there to learn. Some platforms like coursera, futurelearn, skillshare offter excellent courses for completely free. Start learning something new and be that curious child again!

3. Enjoy little things in life:

Kids don’t need an iPhone or a BMW to be happy (I can’t really say that about kids of the current generation though!! You have to think of a 90s kid here!). They find joy in the smallest of things. Remember seeing children just talking to themselves and playing with the same old toy in their own world? They get excited just by seeing a new bird, or a cow! Find joy in little things. Get excited about that new notebook and pen, just the way you used to when you were a kid, get excited about that trip with friends just the way you used to for your school trips, get excited for the new route you’ll be taking to the office and look out for the new things you might see on the way.

4. Play games:

All of us loved playing as kids, right? We waited to finish that homework and wanted to run to the playground. We loved playing all kinds of games with our cousins and friends. I remember in summers, all of my cousins gathered at my grandparents’ place and played all the funny games- cooking with mud (!), building imaginary castles, and all kinds of silly games. But nowadays, in every gathering, everyone is busy with their phones. Or we feel we are too old to play games and have fun. Sad, isn’t it?

Well, next time you meet up with your friends or family, try playing a fun game and have fun like a child again.

5. Give time to your hobbies:

In school, we all had one or the other hobby (some of us had so many). We filled our free time with singing, dancing, painting, and a lot more. Why not rekindle that creative part again?

Start that hobby again, take up classes, interact with like-minded people. Lose yourself in your favorite hobby.

6. Do what makes you happy:

Children always do what makes them happy. They have to finish their homework and study, but they play. They have exams, but they paint. They just do whatever makes them happy without worrying about the outcomes.

I know we adults can’t be that way. We have bills to pay, family to take care of. But spend at least some time in a day to do what makes you happy. If you love to cook, cook a simple meal. If you love to sing, sing at least one song every day. Prioritize yourself and do something that you enjoy.

7. Express your emotions:

You are hurt and feel like crying, but you won’t because you’re afraid of being labeled as weak. You are so happy and want to scream, but you won’t because you feel you’ll be judged. Sounds familiar? Well, this is the problem of all adults!

From today, express your emotions, laugh loud, cry more (yeah! Let it out), jump with joy, and express that child inside you.

8. Read children’s stories:

We all want to have all the knowledge in the world, we want to read New York #1 bestsellers, want to have impeccable grammar and vocabulary, we want to read only non-fictions and not waste time on fictions. It’s okay. It’s normal to feel that way in this super fast competitive world.

But remember that feeling of reading Harry Potter when you were a kid? And those cute graphic novels (Calvin and Hobbes?!). Nothing can replace that feeling, right? I’ll tell you what, you’re NEVER too old to read them again. Children’s books and stories have that innocence, beauty, and also a message that’s valid for all times. So, go dive into that beautiful world of stories again.

This month we celebrated children’s day, so I wanted to tell you to never let go of your inner child. My post might be late, but it’s never late to be a child again!

Don’t forget to share this post with someone if you want them to be happy like a child again.

See you next week.....

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