Best planner and journal you should have, to make 2021 your best year!

Are you excited to say goodbye to 2020? I’m sure you are! 2020 was nothing like we ever imagined. But whatever it was, it’s going to get over. And we are proceeding towards a new beginning. I have a lot of expectations, hopes for 2021. What about you?

Do you want to be your best self in 2021? Do you want to achieve all your goals, stop procrastinating, stop negative self-talk, take better care of yourself, and make 2021 your best year? I’m 100% sure you do! But...

The problem is that we have a lot going on in our lives. We have stressful jobs, demanding bosses, families to take care of, bills to pay, and whatnot.


  • Are you often overwhelmed by too many tasks?

  • Don’t know where is your money going?

  • Are you sure you’re taking care of yourself?

  • What do you do when you have a bad day and too much going on in your head?

  • Do you revisit your goals every week and every month and rephrase them so that you go in the right direction?

Sounds complicated?

Planning your goals, sticking to them by taking consistent action along with taking good care of your health is not a simple task. But.....

It’s all made easy with these two amazing products I’m going to tell you about!

1. 2021 Digital Ultimate Productivity Planner by Rupal Gogia:

Now think...What if you have ready prompts for planning your month, week, day, money, habits, and everything important? I know you are thinking about a planner. But let’s say you are traveling and you don’t have space for your planner in your bag. This amazing digital planner is your savior.

This digital planner is editable, compatible on mobile, laptop, tablets, and iPad. You just open your phone (or computer if you’re working on it most of the time) and start typing. You can also write with a stylus pen. Planning has never been easier!

This planner has everything that makes your life easier. Let me give you a sneak peek into it.

Reflecting on 2020-

The first page of the planner says ‘2021 is your year’. It’ll totally be with this planner, I promise! Next is a page that says ‘Goals, plan, action’. That’s exactly what this digital planner is for.

Before anything, let me tell you why reflecting is important. Reflecting on your previous year/month gives you clarity. You’ll realize whether or not you’re going in the right direction. Have you looked back to 2020 and thought of what did you do, how did you spend it, what went right? What went wrong?

If not, this digital planner has A LOT of questions to help you reflect on last year AND to set perfect goals for the new year. You don’t have to ponder over the different areas of your life; it has goals divided into sections like career, self-growth, financial, and much more. Just open the prompt and start answering the questions, you’re set for 2021!

Monthly sheets and much more-

There are separate beautifully designed pages for each month. In this, you will reflect on your last month. Then you can set a monthly goal for yourself.

After that, there are amazing prompts to plan your day productively.

With the new year comes a new enthusiasm to build good habits. The planner has a habit tracker where you can track your habits with just a click.

There’s a special section to help all the content creators out there, which you will not find in any other planner right now.

Remember, this is just a sneak peek and Rupal has a lot more to offer you in her planner.

Planner guide-

If you’re completely new to planning, don’t worry! The planner comes with a detailed guide on how to use it. It’s very easy to understand and use.

You can watch the detailed video of how to use the planner here.


All these amazing features at a very affordable price. I assure you, this planner is much more worth it than its price. It costs only 499/- INR (which we easily spend on a single pizza?!) and you are totally set for the entire year!

Where to buy?

If you’re ready to make the best investment of your life, buy the planner here.

2. The Ultimate Digital Journal + Diary - Undated by Abinaya Siva:

The second product I’m going to talk about is a digital diary plus journal.

I want you to imagine this situation...what if you have too many things to do at the office, you’re late already and on your way to the office, you want to write them down? But you don’t have paper and pen with you. Wouldn’t it be great if you have a specific place on your phone or tablet where you can note down everything?

And what if, after a long tiring day, someone asks you meaningful, thoughtful questions like “What made you happy today?” “Name 3 people in your life who make you happy”. Doesn’t it distract you from all your worries and lift up your mood?

Then this digital journal + diary is that friend you’re looking for!

What is this digital diary + journal?

It comes as an editable pdf. It’s compatible on mobile, computer, tablet, and iPad. You can type in it or write with a stylus pen. Another plus point of this journal is that it's undated. One time investment and you can use it forever!

What’s inside for you?

Beautiful theme-based first page on every month-

Beginning of every month, you get a flavor of that season just by looking at these pages. They are absolutely stunning to look at and giving out all the positive, happy vibes.

Daily log-

There’s a section where you can note down everything you have to do, or have done. This is completely different from journaling. How? Click here to watch the detailed video by Abinaya on how to use this diary.

365 journaling prompts-

As I said before, this is your friend that asks you questions to make you feel better! One day I was feeling very overwhelmed and stressed. I opened this digital journal and this meaningful question was staring at me-“Are you multitasking?” Wow! I just realized what was wrong! You get 365 prompts like this (none of them are repeated!). Your journaling is set for a lifetime, how wonderful is that!

With this, you get 365 motivating quotes, one for everyday. You’ll also get a page at the beginning of each month to increase your knowledge. Abi has given some interesting facts so that you’re both entertained and educated after reading it.

Free bonus sheet- There's a free goal planning sheet that comes with the journal, where you can plan your goals for the new year.


All these amazing things in one place come at a very affordable price. It’s only 449/- INR for a life-time journaling! (Remember, this is an undated journal and you can use it your entire life!)

Where to buy?

I tell from my experience, journaling can really change your life. Buy this life-changing journal now by clicking here.

That’s it for today, my friend! Are you ready to start your best year with a bang? Let me know if you found the review of these products useful. Follow me on Instagram where I share a lot more useful content like this regularly.

Have a happy new year!

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Download your JOURNALING FREEBIE here

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