How to keep up New Year resolutions? 5 simple tips to achieve all your goals this year.

Let me begin with a question. Are you working on your New Year goals and resolutions? To be honest, I am already off the track! Almost every year it happens, right? We get so excited for the New Year we set a lot of goals and resolutions with great enthusiasm. But a week or maximum a month into the year, we get stuck. Something unexpected comes up, we lose motivation, we miss out on our goals for a few days in the beginning, and never get back!

So, I thought, why not come up with a few tips and tricks on how to achieve all the goals this year?

Let’s dive right into it. Here are 5 easy, effective tips to keep up with New Year resolutions and to achieve all the goals you’ve set for yourself.

1. Plan extensively

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”, said Benjamin Franklin. You need to plan all the steps to achieve your goals. Just writing down a vague goal is not enough. You need to make the goals as specific as possible. Have you heard of SMART goals? Your goal must be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound.

Once you set your goal, plan as vividly as possible. Break it down into very simple steps.

For example, if your goal is to get into your dream job by the end of this year, break it down into multiple steps. Steps could be-

  • Do a search for the companies you want to apply to

  • Go to the website of each company and study their work

  • Write down why do you want to work for them

  • Write down what are your skills that can help that company

  • Apply for the job

  • Prepare your resume

  • Prepare for the interview

Getting a job might seem daunting, but just researching on companies doesn’t seem like that, right?

After breaking down the goals, give them timelines. You might want to tackle the 1st step in the first two weeks, 2nd step in the next 2 weeks, and so on.

Let’s discuss more about breaking your goals in the next pointer.

2. Divide the goals into quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily goals

Don’t be scared about how complicated this sounds. It’s very simple, I promise!

When we set a couple of goals for the whole year, it might get difficult to stay on track. So, chose 2-3 goals for every 3 months and set them as your quarterly goals. Break them further into monthly goals, depending on how much you want to achieve in one month. Pick your monthly goals and assign each step of your monthly goal into 4 weeks. Now you have a clear idea about what you have to do every day to achieve your weekly goals, isn’t it? Write down what exact actions do you need to take every single day.

If you’re still confused, don’t worry, here is a video on how to break your goals into quarterly, monthly, and weekly goals.

3. Track your progress weekly and monthly

The biggest problem we face while achieving a goal is, we lose track of what we are doing. Let’s say you want to create your blog. You have written an article to post, decided a platform to start the blog, started designing a little bit, but then as you go on, you lose track of whatever you’ve done till now! To avoid this, write down in your journal, every little progress you have made. Keep track of every action you take at the end of every week and month.

4. Build systems and habits

I’ll tell you another biggest problem we face when it comes to keeping up with resolutions. MOTIVATION! Motivation is always short-lived. We have a lot of motivation while setting goals and resolutions. But, in a few days that motivation wears off! What’s the solution to this?

Don’t rely on motivation! Build systems and habits. Write down each action you need to take daily. Block your time on a calendar. Schedule all your tasks and stick to it as much as possible. If you follow this just for a week, you’ll notice huge progress. If you want to know about more productivity hacks and get more things done, check out this article.

5. Stop criticizing yourself, instead reward yourself

If you’re wondering how this is relevant to achieving your goals, hear me out. If you criticize yourself for not following your plan and not working enough towards your goals, it’s a kind of self-punishment. This behaviour won’t do any good for your productivity. Instead, it makes you more unproductive. The author David Burns, in his wonderful book ‘feeling good; the new mood therapy’ writes, “Your self-punishing behaviours cause guilt in you. These guilt-provoking thoughts lead to unproductive actions”.

We often think, “I have to be very strict and rude with myself if I want self-discipline”. But let’s say you want to cut out on sugar, but one evening you were craving some sugar. You give in to your cravings and eat a bar of chocolate. You start criticizing yourself “I have no self-control, I am never going to lose weight, I’ll always be a fat buffalo”. What will happen? You get more upset and you eat another chocolate!

In the same way, when you are being lazy or not able to work towards your goals, stop talking to yourself very harshly. It will further stop you from doing anything. Start rewarding yourself, for every little step you took. Reward yourself even if you tried a little bit. I promise you it’ll help you better in maintaining consistency.

If it still seems complicated to you, invest in a planner. Check out this article on an affordable digital planner to plan and organize your life better.

So, are you ready to achieve all your goals this year?

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